M2M Buy Rules
Member to member sales

Read carefully and follow these instructions to buy a used watch from another member in the best and safest way! These rules have been studied to make sure the after sale experience is impeccable.

You can find the list of all the available watches of the member to member sales section here.
To check all the info on the watch you like, click on the picture of the watch or description and you will be directed to the watch page you selected where you can find info, price, country of origin and contact of the seller.

After you chose the watch, contact the seller on telegram or whatsapp depending on the info you can find on the watch page. Ask the seller the availability of the watch and more info or pictures if you need.
Once you confirmed availability and you want to order the watch you can go to the last step:

 Text me on telegram or whatsapp: provide me the screenshot or link of the watch you would like to buy, proceed with the transaction through me, I'll provide the seller your info for delivery, I'll save and share the tracking number and wait the delivery of your purchase.

MOST IMPORTANT STEP (BUYER SAFETY RULES): If you have any problem with your order, if you don't provide all these proofs I will not able to help you.
Once you receive your package, please follow these instructions:
- Make sure to record a video of you receiving the package and make sure the shipping label is completely visible in the video showing names and tracking number;
- Before opening the package, make a photo of weight and a video that shows the package is sealed and intact before you open;
- Record a video when you open the package and keep recording until you're sure you received the correct item.

After the sale is complete, You have the opportunity to rate the experience of your purchase (from -1 to +1). This grade will be saved and added to the seller's total score and published in the seller's list. This way you can contribute to the experience of the next buyers who will be very grateful for your contributions.
If possible you should add the reason of the determined grade.