Member to member sales
Read this guide carefully if you want to sell one of your used watches.

The M2M sales section is exclusively dedicated to used watches and not new ones. This is not for reseller but for people who enjoy their hobby and want to make some space for something else.

Text me on telegram or whatsapp. Send me the complete form you can find below with all the pictures and info of the watch you would like to sell, and I'll do the rest of the work for you.
Keep in mind the transaction will be handled through Paypal f&f and the price you decide will be deducted by 10% fees that includes all the services I offer.

Watch Info, pictures and form to complete:
Click here to see a sample watch sale.
Pictures: Send me 5 to 10 pictures of the watch in different angles and provide accurate pictures of the damage so they can be completely visible.
country: Specify the country the watch comes from.
price: Specify the price and currency (this price includes 10% fees that will be deducted once the sale is complete).
telegram username: Enter your telegram username
Whatsapp number: Enter your phone number if you prefer
watch: Describe the watch (brand, model, size, colour)
factory: Describe the origin and factory of the watch
movement: Describe the movement
shipping method: Describe which company you will use for the shipping service and if there is to add a compensation fee for the shipping.
Modifications (if any): Carefully describe if the watch has ever had any modifications and in case you have to prove all the modifications done with the pictures or if done by me, I will guarantee for that.
conditions: Carefully describe all the scratches, damages and condition of the watch. This is to avoid any after sale problem.
Problems (if any): Describe every single detail of the watch, if the watch works or don't work correctly, if the case or bracelet have problems, if the movement is ok, if the functions are all perfect or there's something to fix. The more detailed you are and the smoother the process will be.

MOST IMPORTANT STEP (SELLER SAFETY RULES): If the buyer has any problem with its order, if you don't provide all these proofs I will not able to help you and proceed with full payment.
- Make sure to record a video of you packaging the watch which has to be completely visible before packing it up. Show the label with tracking number and info of the buyer and register until package is fully packed.
- When you  completed packaging, please take a picture of the weight of the package and  take a picture of the full packaging that shows the label clearly.

After the sale is complete, you will be awarded of a score by your buyer. The score will be saved and shown in the list of sellers. The score will go from (-1 to +1) so if your sale experience was horrible you can lose points. Obviously the buyer has to explain the reason of the score he will post.